The ‘Lazy Man’s Programme’ is an effective Gantt chart tool that will enable you to quickly and efficiently schedule and sequence your tasks/works for your project, in excel format.

It also allows you to add resources to the tool along with % complete.

It includes full step by step instructions, that are clearly laid out in the template.

Use it over and over again.

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In this concise 24 page book, Dion Khan reveals his 7 Keys To Bullet Proof Project Management that will save you thousands!

He chunks down his 20 years of Project Management experience into 7, easy to follow keys that (if followed) will save you a lot of pain, heartache and $$$.

Some of the keys include- Managing the Triple Constraint, Risk Management & Quick Project Close-Out.

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In this step by step blue print to Property Renovation, Dion Khan reveals:

  • How To Renovate Any Piece of Real Estate, Anywhere
  • How to buy the right property in the right area and to Avoid getting ripped off and paying too much!
  • Perform rock solid, bullet proof research and due diligence, before you invest your hard earned $$$$.
  • No Money Down and (Near No Money Down) finance strategies. Learn creative ways on how to finance the property and property renovation with no and near no money down.
  • Have your financier and appraiser/valuer eating out of your hand as an ‘expert’ in no time at all, even if it’s your first renovation.
  • Undertake quick, cost effective, smart renovations that add serious $$$$ to your property straight away.
  • Avoid one of the most common mistakes I see in property renovating- Budget Blow- Outs!
  • Plus You’ll also Receive $543 in FREE Bonuses

And much, much more…

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